Nate Nemitz

I was out deer hunting and noticed a coyote a half a mile in the distance. I hunkered down behind some brush and I knew the windy was very iffy for the situation I was in. I began lip squeaking at the coyote and it instantly began coming in on a trot. The whole way in I was ranging him with the 18" circles in my reticle. When the coyote got to 300 yards it stopped and stuck its nose in the air and quickly turned around and started trotting away. I held my 300 yard reticle on top of the coyotes back and howled it to a stop and the 6.5 Creedmoor 143 grain bullet did the rest. Its an amazingly easy scope to use I also took a deer and an antelope last fall with the same setup the deer was a 325 yard heart shot and the antelope was a 210 yard lung shot. Shepherd scopes take a lot of the guesswork out of hunting in the area that matters. The ability to range an animal "quickly" and make an ethical shot is all that matters in my opinion and this scope does it flawlessly.

Byron Leavitt

This Mulie was 503yds away ... Using a Shepherd V1 6-18x40 mounted on a Sako custom 6.5x284... One shot in the chest... Done.

Craig Price

I have been using Shepherd scopes for a long time and have taken everything from prairie dogs to bull elk with my Sheperd scope. Keep up the good work.I have enclosed a photo of A deer I shot in Idaho this year. Sorry I didn't get the scope in the picture very good, but trust me, its my old favorite 310-P1A.

DeeDon Bates

A couple of years ago, I drew a once in a lifetime hunt on White Sands Missle Range in New Mexico for trophy free range Oryx. I read a lot about Shepherd Scopes and the technology in the scope, so I purchased one online. I put it on a custom 7mm Mag that started out as a Ruger M77 but with a new Hart barrel, Rifle Basix trigger, and my new Shepherd Scope, topped off this hunt for package. I have a custom load, so I called the Shepherd office and gave them the specifics of the round. The customer service person here very helpful and gave me my range based on my load. After my zero at 100, I was ringing Steel out to 800 years in a matter of seconds. So my confidence in the scope and my equipment to was put to the test, a few months later on my hunt. My oryx presented a broad side shot at 680 yards, so I actually backed up another 20 yards, to exactly 700 yards and took a prone shot. Everything preformed as it had on the range and made a perfect heart shot on this 40" oryx. My trophy ran about 50 yards and dropped. I cannot be more happy with my Shephard Scope and my trophy on the wall. I have sense killed my other animals beyond 500 yards with confidence. Anyone else with little or no long range experience can operate this scope at distances out to 1,000 yards and be confident in making an ethical kill shot every time.

Sam Joachim

This was my first hunt with this rifle 6 years ago. At the time, it was my brand new, Winchester model 70 .270WSM, and shepherd scope. Nothing was bagged that evening, but this rifle and scope have since, provided many wonderful venison meals for my family. These scopes can be described in one word. Incredible. The lens clarity is greater than any, zeiss, Leupold, or Nixon. Keep up the excellent work! I can't wait to get another rifle, because I know where I'll be shopping for optics! Yours truly, Sam joachim

Steve Kosterman

I got this nice Oryx in NM. I was fairly confident with the P2 scope on my 30-06 and practiced regurlarly out to 600 yards. Luckily I was able to zoom all the way out and have a clear view of where I put the bullet on this particularly agressive animal at a distance of 5 paces

Michael Williams

Shepherd scopes are the only optics in my gun safe. The glass clarity is second to none, the light transmission is outstanding, the housing is rugged, and, of course, the reticles and rangefinders are amazing. I'm with Shepherd as long as I can shoot and hunt.Of all the guns in my safe, I chose to submit my Browning X-Bolt, chambered in .30-06, mounted with the Shepherd P3--a most prized rig of mine.Thanks for the great gear!

Skip Olsen

Here are the pictures of my hunt in Africa. Everything I shot there except the wart hog was between 250 and 300 hundred yds. The wart hog was about 70 yards. -- Skip Olsen

Andy from Brown Oaks Electric LLC=

I wanted to share the reason I have purchased the Shepherd V1.

In 2011 I made a trip to Durango, Colorado with some good friends of mine for an elk and mule deer hunt. I knew that a couple of guys had mentioned having a "shepherd" scope on their rifles and swore by them. I just figured it was all talk. On day 6 of the hunt, my friend and I were out just walking the mountain sides. About 10 am we spotted a really nice bull on an old logging road. My friend, who had a Shepherd scope, ranged and could fire a shot before i could even get on my gun(because i had to use a range finder, then get myself set up to shoot). Unfortunately he missed just over the bull and it ran off deep into the timber. As we walked some more that afternoon, I told him i could believe how fast he got a shot off. He was a little more than miffed that he had missed that bull at only 400 meters. He said it was human error, and wasn't the hardware. I just kinda laughed and agreed(thinking to myself that he never misses.... At least when im hunting with him(15+ years.... Had to be the scope.....

So anyways, we continued to walk down another logging road towards a creek.

It was getting late in the day, so we decided to turn around and head back to base camp. As we walked back up the road....he spotted 2 bulls feeding in a meadow on the other side of the mountain. I instantly dropped to the ground to get set up. He walked another 40 yards or so up the road and set up as well. As the 2 bulls were feeding from my right to left, some sage brush blocked my line of sight and the bulls disappeared. I yelled to my friend to see if he could still see them. He shouted back "YES.... Hurry up, there gonna be back in the timber any min.". So I ran up the road to get set up. My friend just said" leave your gun and just use mine.... Its your turn!" So when I went to set up on his 30-338 wby, he told me in about 5 sec. how to use the scope. It was harder getting used to the bolt being on the wrong side of the gun, since he is left handed, than it was to range the bulls. I ranged them between 900 and 1000 meters. I could see clearly that both bulls were legal 6x6's. He said aim for the shoulder between the 2 circles. So i did.... Squeezed 1 round off...... The only thing i saw through the scope were legs up in the air and the lighter colored fur of the elks belly! I couldn't believe it, 1 shot, and that bull didn't take one more step. Dead as dead could be! It took about 3 hours just to get to it, and another hour to skin and quarter it. I was on cloud nine, my first bull was a niiice 6x6! Since then, i was determined to purchase a 6-18x40 v1. And i finally did 1 week ago. Just in time to go back to Durango in October. Now I will be confident with my new scope and custom 300 wby, to take long range shots in matter of seconds!

Thanks again for the knowledgable incite and recommendation of the correct scope for the correct caliber/loads. Cant wait to see another bull or muley through my new V1.

Floyd Bissonette

I am sending this email to let you know I have sent the attached emails to both the NRA & GUNS&AMMO magazine. I have 3 of your counter sniper scopes & a varmint model. These are the finest scopes I have ever owned & feel many other shooters, hunters & sportsmen should know about them. Hopefully they may publish an article in the future on these. I certainly hope so.

Thank you for a really great scope,
Floyd L. Bissonette

(Email #1)

"...I was quite happy to receive your reply. If you go to all of the info is available. I am not connected with Shepherd enterprises in any way. I do however own 4 of their great scopes along with Nikon, Bushnell, Leupold, Burris, Simmons, Pantax and Guide-gear. I find the Shepherds I own a bit better than any of the others and many more that I've owned over the years. This is mainly because of their very accurate range-finding and drop-compensation abilities, along with visual conformation of original zero , windage & elevation and also 1-shot zero...."

(Email #2 to NRA Publications)

"...Thank you for your reply and also passing my inquiry along to your editors. It's very-much appreciated. I'll look forward to hopefully seeing an article on my favorite scope, as I believe Shepherd scopes are one of the better scopes on the market today if not the best. I feel the American hunters and shooters should be made aware of this scope if they aren't already.

I'm a devout member of the NRA, enjoy buying shirts, caps, etc. with the NRA logo. I can be seen at many expo's and Wildlife Art shows (I do woodcarvings) proudly advertising my NRA wear. I advertise the NRA at each and every show I attend. I'm often asked questions about the NRA, and often pass along former issues of my magazines to those that show interest."

Monte Edwards

I have been using your 4 sided scope for about 25 years, it has worked well on any gun I mounted it on. I have used all the sides and was not disappointed. But once I mounted it on a Ruger No 1 .243, my wife would not let me take it off. I would purchase another, but since I retired, I have limited income and after looking at the current price, know I can not afford one. Just wanted you to know that as far as I am concerned, this is the best scope ever made, and always recommend it to anyone that is interested in a new scope. Sometimes we make a purchase that will last and last and last, this one was it for me. Thank you and I need to thank the gun shop in Julesburg, Colorado for recommending it to me many years ago.

Monte Edwards
Datil, NM

James Drover

Hello, I have one of your scopes on my 7mm mag and love it. I used it on my Caribou hunt in Alaska this year and on all of my deer hunts in Southeast Alaska for years. I have shot everything from Kodiak Brown Bears to foxes with it at different ranges. I live in Alaska and have used it on any type of game you can think of including wolves. This year while hunting caribou I shot a caribou at 450 yards and was videoing the hunt after I ranged the Caribou and shot it. I reviewed the footage. My shot placement was 1/2 inch above the heart, but it even gets better. The shot was so far away that I captured the heat wave of the bullet going in a big arc all the way to the caribou and you can see the shot placement perfectly, It looks like an invisible miniature football being thrown because of the arc....

Sheldon Kuipers


Please pass this on to Dan and Bess as well. God provided again. I had to stalk him 125 - 150 yards without my boots just my socks in the water up to my stomach. The leaning tree in the background was what I was hiding under. 165-170 yd shot. Once again your scope held true. It was a hard quartering away shot but God kept my aim steady and I took a far back rib shot to end up just in front of his far shoulder. In seconds he was floating. As a guide and hunter, I've had opportunity over the years to look through many European scopes including Schmidt & Bender, Swarovski, Zeiss, and Leica. To this day and many hunting seasons later, I have not looked through a more dependable and significantly clearer scope than my time tested and trustworthy P1 Shepherd.

Keep Well,

Tim Bowen

I would like to thank you for an outstanding product. I used your scope in Afghanistan in 2006 and it performed flawlessly. I got into a shoot off with a sniper team, they had a M24 with Leopold scope; I had an M14 with your P1 scope. We were shooting at unknown distances at a smoke canister. The Shepherd Scope allowed me to hit the target first with less rounds fired than the sniper team and about 3 minutes faster. Thank you, Dan, for a superior product.

John Pretzer

I was just browsing through Cabela's catalog and noticed the sales pitch behind all the so-called big name brands of scopes. It inspired me to send you a note about your scope. About three years ago I began reloading my own rifle rounds and was looking for a scope I could put on my 7mm Rem. Mag. that would work for long range shooting and fit the ballistics on my rifle. I did my homework and liked the Leopold and heard about the Shepherd. One Saturday morning I decided to call your company because I had some questions about your optics. The person who answered the phone was helpful but a little bit too gruff to be a salesman. Soon I found out I was talking to Dan Shepherd himself. Immediately I was impressed because what was my odds of speaking directly with the CEO of Leopold or Nikon? Mr. Shepherd convinced me that if I put my faith in his scope I would not be disappointed. We had a nice conversation which included our favorite shooting sports and I decided to give his scope a try. When I received the scope by mail, I couldn't wait to take it out to check the clarity that was promised. I was amazed at what I saw when I looked through the scope. Over the summer I spent a lot of time reloading the round I wanted in my rifle and practicing with the Shepherd scope. The success I have had in the field over the past three years is amazing and has many of my friends wondering how this common guy can be so accurate at long ranges. Each year, I have had the opportunity to harvest white tail deer and antelope using the Shepherd scope. Last year I bagged a 165 whitetail from 540 yards. This would never be a shot I would have attempted in the past but with practice and optics, I felt very comfortable when I pulled the trigger. I want to congratulate you on your scope and the way you conduct business. I like doing business with a company that can take a common sportsman, give him a quality product and put a common person on the other end of the telephone to assist and make shooting sport more fun!

John Pretzer
Scranton, North Dakota


Mr. Shepherd,

When I found out that I was going to Africa this year, I wanted a new rifle and scope for the journey. The rifle was easy, the scope was not. My entire life I have used the other "popular scope". While it is a really good scope, I wanted more out of my scope, and after doing some research, I purchased a Shepherd Scope. After learning how easy it was to use on the range -- off to Africa I traveled. I was extremely impressed with the performance and clarity in low light situations. I was able to judge accurately the distance of the game I was hunting to get the right shot. I had 7 shots and 7 kills with your scope with 3 of my animals being Gold Metals. All of my shots were within 250 yds.; however, I do feel very comfortable with my Shepherd Scope shooting out to 400 yds. Thank you very much for a great Safari.

Best Regards and Happy Hunting,
Denny Rodman


Dear Mr. Shepherd,

I would like to thank you for a great product (V2). I know this buck isn't huge, but he is the biggest guy I shot. It was just like you said "one shot one kill". One shot with a 30-06 at 300 yards. He folded up like an envelope. Thanks again.

Nathan R. Stolp


Dear Mr. Shepherd,

Three weeks ago, I contacted your company and spoke with a very helpful gal who helped me select a scope for my new 300 WSM. She was incredibly knowledgeable and fit one of your scopes to the hand load I was going to use in the gun. I asked how fast the scope could be delivered as I was going boar hunting the next weekend.The scope arrived 2 days before the hunt and was sighted in, in a matter of minutes even in some of the worst rain and wind I have shot in. I have attached pictures of the boar taken 3 days later with the 300 WSM and your scope.

The shot was approximately 350 yards with the boar on a dead run. One round was all it took and the boar was down. Even the guides were impressed and asked where they could order a scope. I want to thank you and your staff for the fine scope and the unsurpassed customer service. I would recommend this scope to anyone. My only regret is that I did not go with your V1A rather than the P1A for shooting in the open countryside. I guess I will just have to get another rifle for one of those scopes too.

Brandon Bennett
Via email 5/20/2005


I took my first bull @400 yards - farther than anyone else in the entire camp using my P2 on a 30:06. It was clear enough to look for points on a caribou rack at that distance and beyond. My second bull was taken at 125 yards. The average shot in camp was about 100 yards. My guides had never seen a scope like mine and said I could take shots the others could only look at. My guide was an Inuit Indian, and was pointing to the line of trees I actually took my first bull ta, he seemed a little unsure I could make a shot at 400 years. He changed his mind. I guess it impressed him, because when he talked to some of the other guides, a couple of them started calling me "Sniper." I had a great trip and was successful in taking two bulls, in part because of my Shepherd Scope! Thanks for a great product!


(Hunter from Kootenay Bay, Canada):

"Dear Dan: I have a number of different scopes, but I have never enjoyed one like I have enjoyed the Shepherd Scope. I have super confidence in long range shooting with it. I was out elk hunting when I saw the elk in the picture. I looked in the scope and he fit the 600 yard circle. I shot and he turned to walk up the hill. With the confidence I had in the scope, I fired anohter and then two more - ALL were hits! He went down and when I examined the hits, they were all right where I wanted them to be. Your scope gave me the edge I needed in getting this trophy. Thanks Dan for making this unique scope.
***Paul St. Pierre was the grand aggregate winner at the East Kootenay Hunter's Association Trophy Banquet and Dance with his first place elk. St. Pierre scored 351 1/8 to top the elk category.***(picture courtesy of Townsman photo: Norman Weitzel


"Dear Dan Shepherd,

Thank you for all your help, both with the 3940E scope and with the bullet data. Enclosed is a couple of pictures to show you and your company what happened this year. The first shot was high at the 800 yard circle; I moved in between the 700 and 800 circle for a lung shot 1" in front of the heart. The second shot broke his front shoulder and dropped the 6 point bull dead in his tracks."
"Again I would like to thank you for all the help this year. I spend a lot of time and money perfecting and enjoying shooting, and hunting. I demand a lot from myself and demand the same with the people I purchase items from. In 40 years I have weeded out many companies, and products that do not meet my standard. Your company should be proud of its quality work and consumer relations."


"Dear Sirs,

On my last trip to Africa taking 11 different animals with one shot kills with my Shepherd scope I lost the scope cover in the bush. It is a P-1 Model for the 7mm Mag. Please tell me how I might get a replacement for this.


September 2001
346 Yards. 34" Spread


256 Yards. 33" Spread


572 Yards. 27" Spread


Shot near Crawford Nebraska in the Pine Ridge Area

After ten days and bugling in fifteen bulls this one was taken at 100 yds with ten minutes of legal light left. Your scope was clear and bright. Something I needed because I was carefully studying the racks since it was a “Once in Lifetime Permit”. The elk went 30 yds and fell over, a perfect shot made possible with practice and the Best equipment. It made the job easy once I decided to pull the trigger. The gun was a Remington 700- 7mm Ultra Mag. I had shot this gun 400 times the summer before the hunt all the while using for the first time a Shepherd Scope. After trying many hand loads we got the gun to shoot ¾” groups at 100 yds. Now the fun began, we started shooting long range. My first 600 meter group off our portable bench was 6”. I made a life size elk target out of plywood painted, with a large rack.

I practiced ranging with your scope. Everything worked just like you said. My last three shots at the target before my hunting trip were at 475 yds sitting and using a bipod all three shots were in the chest of the lifesize target. Wow what a confidence builder. This was to be my 11th year in a row hunting elk and I’ve never felt so well prepared before.

I recently purchased my second scope a 6x18 varmint for my .243 and once again I’m truly impressed. Thank you guys for everything. Your scopes are the Best. If I can help you guys out ever, please call I’m close by. I’d love to test something or chat with Dan.

Thanks Again,
Dan Nelson

Dennis Clark

To all of the good folks at Shepherd,

I just want to say thanks for making such a great product. I bought your new M556 varmint scope and mounted it to my Bushmaster Varminter rifle. I headed out to western Kansas for a hot summer prairie dog shoot. It didn’t take very long to figure out that your scope would do exactly what you said it would. I was able to make kills at ranges of 500 to 600 yards in a strong quartering to cross wind using the windage adjustments. My longest kill was measured with a laser range finder at 789 yards. I am including a couple photos of the shoot.

"The Shepherd scope is our choice in tests of range finding and trajectory compensating scopes. The Shepherd worked as advertised - We were able to zero in with one shot. The range finder worked and the optics were sharp and clear. Excellent resolution and light transmission. WE RECOMMEND IT OVER THE REST."(Quoted from Gun Test Magazine)

BOB BELL (Gun Digest, 1985)

"There are other top quality scopes of course. The thing that sets the Shepherd apart is its unique Dual Reticle System. It permits one-shot Zeroing, dead-on holding to extreme range with any high velocity load, windage and elevation adjustments that YOU KNOW ARE ACCURATE, because you can visually verify them as they take place, an aiming point that stays on dead zero throughout the complete magnification range, parallax-elimination, and a quick and easy way to adapt for wind without loosing the basic zero. That sounds like a lot of goodies to wrap up in one scope, but they're all built into the Shepherd and one way or another they all derive from the patented Dual Reticle System."

DICK EADES (Modern Gun Magazine, 1996):

"I was much impressed with my ability to hit 8 inch targets out to 500 yds with the .22 L.R. scope and 8 inch targets anywhere out to 1,000 yards with the center fire model."

LAYNE SIMPSON (Shooting Times, 1995):

"Shepherd may well be the last word in range finding scopes. The P-1A is right on at long-range with my Shooting Times Western .284."

HOLT BODINSON (Guns Magazine, 1990):

"Shepherd zeros with one shot and is the instrument for extreme long-range shots. It eliminates errors. It will open a whole new world of shooting for you."

BOB BELL (Gun World Magazine, 1986):

"Shepherd gives precise aiming at all reasonable ranges and some not so reasonable."


"It takes about ten minutes to train a recruit with this system. He is then able to engage and hit targets at staggered ranges from point blank to 1,000 meters instantly. When he looks in the scope in the field his eye goes immediately to the circle that fits his target, he is unaware of the rest. There is no zooming, dialing or math required. It is solider proof...... If you can't hit with this, you can't hit with anything."

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