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The Shepherd 3-10X40 PE1 rifle scope is specifically designed for large animals such as elk and has 24″ ranging circles.  This general purpose sight is like no other rifle scope on the planet.  It is far and away the best moving target acquisition rifle scope system available today and is a must have for the avid shooter whether as an addition to their tactical gear or hunting gear.  The PE1 has Shepherd’s patented reticle range finding system designed specifically for modern rifle platforms.  It also features Shepherd’s One Shot Zero Feature allowing the user to dial in the gun in a single shot.  The 310 PE1 Shepherd rifle scope gives shooters the fastest, one step, target range estimator and ballistic drop calculator in the world.  This unique rifle scope allows even an inexperienced shooter the ability to just “Fit and Fire”.  The rifle scope features Shepherd’s PVD multi-layer coated HD optics which deliver a crystal clear image through the entire field of view.  This rifle scope is ideal for the Winchester Super Short Magnum 243 and the Weatherby .30-.378.  The bullet drops match up well with the Hornady 180 Grain GMX boat tail and the federal power-shok 100 grain.  If you want to check the fit of this reticle to your gun/round please visit our scope finder.  This is definitely a must have hunting or tactical accessory for anyone using high powered flat shooting rifles.  This rifle scope is extremely accurate at all distances out to 1000 yards.  You can purchase this rifle scope here by selecting the “Add To Cart” button or find a dealer or store near you using the locator at the top of the page.  




 Magnification 3x - 10x
 Field of View (FOV) @ 100yds, ft 41.5 - 15
 Relative Brightness 175 - 16
 Eye-Relief, in 3 - 3.5
 Weight, oz 17
 Length 14
 Tube 1"
 40mm Adjustable Objective 25' - infinity
Drop Figures For PE1 Reticle
Range in Meters3505507008009001000
Bullet Drop in inches-16.0"-57.0"-107.0"-153.1"-212.0"-286.1"
Drop Figures for use in comparing the PE1 reticle to bullet drop on a ballistic calculator
Range in Yards1002003004005006007008009001000
Drop in inches0-2.10"-8.24"-18.80"-34.40"-56.00"-85.40"-121.00"-166.00"-224.00"


  • One Shot Zero
  • High Transmission Optics for Excellent Low Light Performance
  • World's Fastest and Easiest Passive Range Finder and BDC
  • Argon Gas Filled, Waterproof, Shockproof
  • Visual Confirmation of Wind and Elevation
  • Instant Range Finding and BDC
  • Instant Visual Verification of the Original Zero
  • 1/4 M.O.A. Clicks on the Ranging Circles and Friction Adjustments on the Crosshairs with 0.001 M.O.A.
  • Patented Dual Reticle System
  • PE1 Reticle with 24" Circles Useful for Elk Hunting and Other Large Animals/Targets
  • Flat Black Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

2 reviews for SHEPHERD 3-10X40 PE1

  1. James Hamilton

    I was first introduced to this scope at ShotShow and was very intrigued. I spoke with several salesmen and decided to give it a try for my Kimber 300 WSM and I have never been more pleased with how it worked out.
    I am shooting better groups now then with top name optics (keyhole rounds) all the way to 1000 yards. I’m shooting hand reloaded rounds and my rifle shoots like a dream now.
    I have no worries now taking disabled veterans out on hunts with this rifle because it has been tried and trusted. I harvested my OTC Idaho Bull Elk @ 487 yards and 23mph crosswinds with 1 shot he didn’t make it 15 yards down the hill in timber.
    Shepherd Optics went above and beyond helping me out with our organization so Thank you very much from Freedom Hunters.

  2. Elton P. Green

    I’ve been using Shepherd scopes for about 33 years now, and haven’t had one fail me under any conditions. I have used them to shoot extensively from 100 to 800 yards, and even out to 1,000 yards at targets. If I do my job, they consistently do theirs. I have three 3 to 10 scopes mounted on two 30-06’s and one 35 Whelen and have shot about 45 or 50 whitetails with them, and I have one PE1 and a V1 mounted on two 300 Winchester Magnums. The work quite well for shooting at distance. I would recommend Shepherd scopes to any serious hunter or anyone who is shooting long distances. The aim points work very well if one matches the ammunition and bullet co-efficient to the scope, and pretty well when one doesn’t. I’ve killed deer with the first shot with the .35 easily out to about 500 yards (or a little more). This scope makes long range shots much easier.
    My first Shepherd was a Shootist, which I bought in 1986. I have it mounted on a 1903 A3 30-06 and can dial it in for easy hits out to 600 yards and beyond. Shepherd referbished it in about 2006. It cost me nothing to have it done. Their scope is good and so is their word.
    SSG Elton P. Green,
    USA, Inf., (Ret.)

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