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SHEPHERD 6-18X40 M556



The Shepherd 6-18X40 M556 is the best long range moving target acquisition rifle scope system available today.  The Shepherd 618 M556 model includes Shepherds patented reticle range finding system designed specifically for modern rifle platforms which gives shooters the fastest, one step, target range estimator and ballistic drop calculation in the world, letting shooters just “Fit and Fire”.  It also features Shepherd's One Shot Zero Feature allowing the user to dial in the gun in a single shot.  The 618 M556 has PVD multi-layer coated HD optics that deliver crystal clear images through the entire field of view. The Shepherd 618 M556 Dual Reticle System Rifle Scope is calibrated for the Hornady .224 55gr grain V-Max bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3240 fps. The factory loaded Hornady V-Max is dead on at 1,000 yards with this scope. The following factory loads will shoot within one minute of angle with this scope out to at least 500 yards.

This scope works for the following calibers:

.17HMR, .204, .222, .223, .224, .243, .270, .280, .284, 7mm, 7mm-08, 7mmSTW, .308NATO, .308NORMA, 30-06, 300H&H, 330DAK, 416 Wby., 416Laz., and 460 Wby.

The model 618-M.556 has 9″ range-finding circles for use on prairie dogs, crows, squirrels, etc. Please note that circles can be adjusted up or down to accommodate faster or slower loads.  You can purchase this rifle scope by here by pressing buy now or find a dealer or store near you buy using the locator at the top of the page.



  Magnification    6x–18x  
  Objective Lens Diameter, mm    40  
  Field of View (FOV) @ 100yds, ft    5.5 (18x)  
  Relative Brightness    175–16  
  Eye-Relief, in    3"–3.5"  
  Click Value    1/4 MOA  
  Resolution    2.1 seconds of angle  
  Tube, in    1"  
  Stadia Size, in    9"  
  Reticle    M.556  
  Lens Coating    Multi-coated  
  40mm Adjustable Objective    25' to infinity  
  Length, in    16.25"  
  Weight, oz    20.8  
Drop figures in inches from 100 yds / zero to the center


  • One Shot Zero
  • High Transmission Optics for Excellent Low Light Performance
  • World's Fastest and Easiest Passive Range Finder and BDC
  • Argon Gas Filled, Waterproof, Shockproof
  • Visual Confirmation of Wind and Elevation
  • Instant Range Finding and BDC
  • Instant Visual Verification of the Original Zero
  • 1/4 M.O.A. Clicks on the Ranging Circles and Friction Adjustments on the Crosshairs with 0.001 M.O.A.
  • Patented Dual Reticle System
  • 556 Reticle with 9" Circles Useful for Prairie Dogs and Other Small Animals/Targets
  • Flat Black Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty


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