DRS 6-18×42 30mm Tube M556




The DRS (Dual Reticle System) 6-18×42 30mm tactical scope has been designed for the next generation of tactical shooters who need a high precision military grade optic.  The DRS V-Tactical Series with 30mm tube delivers in every category; enhanced next generation glass, oversized optics, all new high density coatings, reinforced internal structure, and pop-up locking turrets.  These features make it tougher, brighter, and stronger than any dual reticle scope on the market today.

The company that invented and holds the patents on dual reticle, dual adjustable scopes is now raising the bar with the all-new 6-18×42 30mm Shepherd Scope creating a new standard for quality and precision.  The new scope comes in four different range finding, bullet drop compensating reticle options for most long-range rifles, and also features Shepherd’s One Shot Zero allowing the user to dial in their rifle with a single shot.  This Shepherd DRS rifle scope gives shooters the fastest, one step, target range estimator and ballistic drop compensator in the world.

This unique rifle scope allows even an inexperienced shooter the ability to just “Fit and Fire”.  The DRS 6-18x-42 has 18” range-finding circles for use on large targets including deer and military silhouettes.  The circles can be adjusted up for flatter shooting rounds or down for rounds with a bit more drop.  This is a must have hunting or tactical shooters that want to shoot farther and more accurately.  The all-new 6-18×42 DRS system is made for the most rugged environments and the most precise shooting requirements there are.  You can purchase this rifle scope here by selecting the “Add To Cart” button or find a dealer or store near you using the locator at the top of the page.  The new DRS system is available in the V1A, V1, V2 and the M556 (9” circles) reticles.  Choose your weapon sight, and shoot farther with Shepherd Scopes.




Objective Diameter42mm
Overall Length16.85
Tube Length7.65
Field of View @ 100 yds29.5' @ 6x / 9.25' @ 18x
Eye Relief3.25" - 3.75"
Total Elevation Adjustment80 MOA
Total Windage Adjustment80 MOA
First Focal Plane ReticleRanging Circles
FFP Knob Adjustment1/4 MOA / Click
Second Focal Plane ReticleCrosshair
SFP Knob AdjustmentFriction Adjustment
Tube Diameter30mm
Weight24 oz
ParallaxAdjustable 25 to ∞
Finish ColorMatte Black
Finish TypeType III Hard Anondizing
Drop figures in inches from 100 yds / zero to the center


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