Rugged 1-8×24 R-MIL



The new Rugged™ 1-8×24 R-MIL gives you crystal-clear optics, precision turrets, and the exceptional build quality that you can expect from Shepherd.  The R-MIL reticle, designed with the professional shooters from Ranger Proof Arms, combines passive rangefinding with MIL hash marks for estimating holdover up to 12 milliradians (mrad or mils).  The center lit circle subtends 18” at 100 yards and the squares in the upper right can be used to fit 18” targets from 200-500 yards.  Using this passive rangefinder with the known ballistics of the weapon and ammunition makes for quick, accurate shots.  The ruggedized optic support system and aircraft-grade aluminum construction allow it to be mounted on any rifle up to .50 caliber.  We included oversized indexable locking turrets, an illumination system that is visible in full light, and distortion free optics.  No matter what environment you’re shooting in, with Shepherd you can shoot faster and farther!