30mm Cradle Mount


The 30mm Tactical Cradle Mount is a high-quality mount to match up with our high-quality scopes.  This mount is specifically designed to protect your scope and ensure high precision and reliability.  This mount is guaranteed to hold your zero, within ½ MOA , even when you take your scope off and put it back on your rifle.  If you are looking for precision, high quality, and made in the USA, this is the mount you need.

Length:  3.25” between the rings.

Lighter:  Despite the increased length, the 30mm model weighs a mere 8.7 oz.  This puts it with many of the lighter mounts on the market, despite being dramatically stronger.

Anti-Cant Bubble Level:  An extremely useful aid for long range shooting, a quick glance at the level can prevent large windage errors due to the shooter canting the rifle.  There is no longer a need for a separate level mounted on the rail or the scope protruding out where it is in the way or blocking the view of the scope dials.  With the level built right into the base of the mount, it’s always right where you need it, but never in the way.

Built-in 20 MOA Slope:

The built-in slope of the cradle mount allows long range shooting with scopes that have too small a range of adjustment using a flat mount or rings on rifles with integral Picatinny upper receivers like AR-type rifles, DTA, or Barrett long range rifles.

The cradle mount places the centerline of the scope 1.45″ above the top of the rail.  This allows room for larger scopes with 50mm and 56mm objectives, even with straight rail fore-ends, and gives ample clearance for folding rear BUIS.  This height provides a comfortable cheek weld for AR style rifles utilizing long range/precision style stocks.

Eye Relief:
The cantilevered style of the mount allows the scope to be mounted farther forward on AR style rifles than straight mounts or a pair of high rings so a mounting position providing more comfortable eye relief is possible.

Short Base:
The relatively short length of the base of the cradle mount allows maximum flexibility in a mounting location on the upper receiver.  This allows you to find the location best suited to the size of the scope, length of pull, rifle’s intended use, and your own personal shooting style.

Made in The USA Quality:
All parts are proudly 100% Made in the USA on the finest CNC equipment directly from 3D Solid Models by highly skilled Machinists.

Each tactical cradle mount is finished with a Type III Hard Anodizing which roughly doubles its surface hardness.  This hard, protective layer allows your mount to deal with many years of hard use without getting beaten up.

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