Shepherd Photo Contest Open Until 03/15/17

Shepherd Scopes has been providing hunting gear and tactical gear since 1979.  During that time Shepherd has generated quite a loyal following.  Our “flock” has grown through the years with converts that have adopted the Shepherd way of targeting and long range shooting.  Every year we hear the stories from around the world;  Once in a lifetime shots, successful hunting trips, our men and women in uniform using our products even though they aren’t standard issue.  So this year with all of the exciting changes at Shepherd, we decided to give you an opportunity to win some Shepherd Swag.


As many of you know in March 2016, (after 35 years as a family run company) Bess Shepherd merged the company with Salvo Technologies; a small defense contractor that manufacturers and sells specialty optics to military and security forces around the world.  It was a tough decision but in the end it was truly the sum of the parts being more than the individual pieces.  Bess and her family still remain closely integrated with the company and will be for the foreseeable future.  In merging the companies the Shepherd brand’s product offering was substantially increased.  In addition to the classic Shepherd hunting gear and tactical gear that the company has sold for years new products were released and will continue to be released over the next couple of years.  Exciting new products including micro red dots for Glock and Barretta hand guns, red dot/reflex sights for AR platforms, high lumen tactical LED flashlights, under mount flashlights with laser pointer designators, binoculars and even thermal camera rifle sights with Shepherd’s patented range finding system are all available now through the new website and through Shepherd’s dealers and retailers around the world.


This year the team has decided to give our flock the ability to win some of these new products.  Here’s how it works:


Submit a photo or video below with a story of your Shepherd Experience for a chance to win over $2500.00 in Shepherd prizes!!!


We are looking for pictures or videos using Shepherd products with your stories in 500 words or less.  We will be taking submissions until December 15th, 2016.  The top 5 submissions will be chosen for a prize.  This competition is open to anyone and everyone who loves the Shepherd Brand.  We are looking to highlight the quality and diversity of our scope so get creative!!!   We are looking for better long shots, trick shots, hunting stories, military stories, anything that involves a Shepherd product and the story to go along with it is fair game.  The top five picked will receive the following prizes:


First Prize:  $1,000.00

Second Prize: $750.00

Third Prize: $500.00

Fourth Prize: $250.00

Fifth Prize: $100.00

*Online store credit valid for 1 year from issue


All submissions must be free use for Shepherd Scopes so please don’t send copyright or protected images or videos.   This contest is for you, the flock, so please take a few minutes to enter your prize worthy photo or videofor your chance to win!

Submit your Photo HERE


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