Seminole, FL- Shepherd Scopes, a designer, distributor and inventor of a novel line of fire control optics, is upgrading its high powered small binoculars.  The 8×32 hunting and tactical binoculars were part of the product offering already and now will incorporate a rangefinding reticle for use in the field.  “This is another example of the innovation that this team brings to the market.”  Said Patrick Bass, Executive Vice President of Salvo Technologies.  “We are continually looking to bring new exciting products to market.  In this case we are upgrading one of our established products to improve the user experience.”

The binoculars will be available starting in September on the website, in stores or through Shepherd’s authorized dealer network.

About Shepherd Scopes

Launched in 1981 by Dan Shepherd, Shepherd Scopes distributes, customizes, and designs a range of hunting gear and tactical gear including binoculars, red dot sights, thermal camera sights, rifle scopes and high powered LED flashlights and laser pointer designators. Shepherd is well known for their patented and copyrighted two reticle approach to one shot zero and range finding. The success of the company is driven by this novel approach. For the past three plus decades Shepherd scopes has evolved into a trusted brand in the market. By partnering with its sister divisions Shepherd will now have access to a much more diverse product offering but still maintain this same hands on approach. By leveraging the new Salvo products which also utilize a two reticle system, the product possibilities are endless.

About Salvo Technologies Inc.

Salvo Technologies Inc. invests in and develops companies serving the defense, security, medical, industrial, and commercial markets. From its inception in 2007, it has grown into an organization with global reach and manufacturing capabilities on multiple continents. Its divisions provide a range of world-class products including personal protective equipment; thick-film coatings with high corrosion resistance; and high-reliability electronic and electro-optical components, fire-control optics, and imaging solutions with an emphasis on multispectral and polarimetric systems. Salvo Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Seminole, FL. For more information please visit

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