Your Shepherd DRS scope comes centered from the factory. If the scope was set-up on one rifle
and you want to move it to another, it is a good idea to re-center the erector inside the scope to maximize the
full range of adjustment.

1. Adjust the scope magnification so that you can clearly see the MOA tick marks on the top and right side of
the front reticle. Remove the turret caps.

2. Turn the large elevation knob clockwise until it stops. Do not overturn knob.

3. Look through the scope at the MOA tick marks on the right, write down the number at the horizontal

4. Now turn the knob all the way counter-clockwise until the reticle stops moving and record that number.

5. Add the two numbers, and divide by two. Using the small knob, move the crosshair to the new
number. (Note: the numbers used on these pages are for example only)

6. To check that your new number was correct turn the large knob clockwise again and it should stop on or
close to the number you got in step 5.

7. Turn the large knob counter-clockwise until the 0 tick mark is centered on the crosshair. The elevation is
now centered.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 using the windage knobs and the MOA numbers at the top of the reticle.