The Shepherd DRS scope, with its patented dual reticle system, is the only scope where you can actually see the reticles move.  One reticle acts as a point of reference to the other.  There are three easy steps to zeroing in your DRS rifle scope.


1. Fire a shot from a solid rest and note where the bullet impacted the target.

2. Hold the crosshairs on the target and rotate the large knobs to move the small zero circle of the front reticle until it is centered on the bullet hole.

3. Now turn the small knobs to move the center of the crosshair just above the circles.  That’s it, the scope is now zeroed!

With the Shepherd DRS, you will not only hear and feel the clicks of the adjustment knobs, you will see the reticle move as well.  The Shepherd DRS is the only scope in the world that gives you visual verification of reticle adjustment.


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