There are many ways to judge the quality of a rifle scope.  Characteristics such as eye relief, field of view, light transmission, and brightness are often discussed in shooting groups regularly.  However, an important topic that is often overlooked is the ability to quickly identify where a rifle scope is with respect to the zero position.  To illustrate this point lets take the following example.  In Figure 1 and Figure 2 you will see images comparing standard crosshair reticles.

Can you tell that Figure 1 is zeroed and Figure 2 has been adjusted for wind?  By just looking at these crosshairs, it would be difficult or impossible to know whether this scope is at zero or not.  If the shooter had adjusted for windage or elevation it would be hard to tell without actually taking a test shot.  In this example let us assume that Figure 1 is zeroed and Figure 2 shows an adjustment for three minutes of windage.  The shooter can hear and feel the clicks and can see the rotation of the turret to the correct position, however the shooter doesn’t know for sure if the reticle moved correctly until a shot is fired.

When using the Shepherd DRS (Dual Reticle System) scope the situation is quite different.  Below, Figure 3 shows the DRS reticles in the zero position.  Figure 4 shows the same reticles with the front reticle adjusted for three minutes of windage.

With the Shepherd DRS you have visual verification of turret adjustment.  No need to shoot or check your turrets, the change is obvious.  The shooter always knows what position the rifle scope is in at any given time by simply looking through the scope.  Shepherd’s patented reticle system is the only scope with dual, independently adjustable reticles which allows for one reticle to be a point of reference for the other.  The static crosshair in the rear focal plane (RFP) reticle, combined with a unique front focal plane (FFP) reticle that maintains its accuracy as you adjust magnification, means you have a visual verification of the original zero and of elevation and windage adjustments.


This is just one of the many features of Shepherd’s Dual Reticle System making it the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable Scope.


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